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Sainty-tech Communications Limited (STC for short) was established in 2010, is dedicated in providing RF and microwave products as well as turnkey solutions. STC is ISO9001:2015 certified and registered as a listed company on the New Fourth Board of Jiangsu Province. STC is headquartered in Nanjing and has an office in Xi'an.
Our business consists of two parts:
1、Import the most innovative modular test and measurement instruments, as authorized exclusive representative, responsible for sales and marketing、technical consultation、maintenance and calibration services covering territories of mainland China and Hong Kong.
Companies we’re representing:
  • Signal Hound (Real time spectrum analyzers)
  • Copper Mountain (Vector Network Analyzers and accessories)
  • Holzworth (Multi channel synthesizers、Phase Noise Analyzer etc)
  • Noisecom (Noise Diode、Noise Source)
  • Windfreak (Signal generators)

These products are featured in miniaturization and cost effective, used widely in RF and microwave measurement、automated testing (ATE)、field testing、radio monitoring、spectrum management、signal identification、EMC testing, etc.

You’re welcomed to visit ourChinese website to learn more details about this.
2、By working closely with our domestic  well-known manufactures in industry, as the manufacturer‘s authorized agent, we export the reliable products to overseas market.
The products include the categories of:
  • GaAs、GaN MMIC and Transistors
  • RF connectors、adaptors and cable assemblies
  • Power dividers、Filters、Isolators and other passive components
  • Switches、Amplifiers and other active components
In addition to shelf products, most products provide rapid customization services, we’re approved by some global well-known companies in US、Europe、Israel、Japan、Korea etc.
You’re welcomed to visit our English website to learn more details about this.
We always adhere to customer-centered、improve continuously、strive to provide customers with better products and solutions!
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